Universal fridge Kit

Universal refrigerator shelf complete with food drawer. The kit consists of a grill surface, an Extender Pack (three extension accessories) and a food drawer with its two internal separators. The extendable shelf with a basic size of 35cm x 38cm designed for older generation refrigerators. Thanks to the extensions applicable to the shelf, Frigò adapts to any type and model of refrigerator. Ideal for organizing the spaces in your refrigerator! Consisting of an extendable grill with a minimum size of 35.4×38 cm and which can be extended up to 53.3 cm, and a food drawer which is attached to the grill, two dividers are included inside the drawers.


Dimensions (cm): 38-53,3x35,50x8,70

Material: Polyethylene

ITF: 18000303313707

EAN: 8000303313700

CODE: 5276001

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