Ice tiles are one of Gio’ Style’s most iconic products, characterized by a traditional design and a practical format to insert into passive refrigerators.

They are the ideal option for keeping cool during outdoor adventures. The Space Ice and N.Ice lines, however, represent the evolution of ice tiles, with a modern design and advanced technology.

These ice tiles are designed to ensure superior cooling performance, keeping the ice cold for an extended period. They are perfect for use in coolers, electric refrigerators and any other situation where you need to keep food fresh and chilled.

Space ice 800

Space ice 800 green

Space ice 800 orange

Space ice 800 blue

Space ice 800 yellow

Space ice 800 red

Space ice 400

Space ice 400 green

Space ice 400 orange

Space ice 400 blue

Space ice 400 yellow

Space ice 400 red

1000 icepack

2×400 icepack

2X200 icepack

Icepacks slim