The company today


Giostyle is based in Urgnano, the facilities are located on an area of 65,000 sqm, of which 10,000 are intended for production, the rest for storage and offices.

The 10 new production lines use the technology “INDUSTRY 4.0”, thanks to this innovation we have achieved a production efficiency of 30% that saves 70% of energy. 

The Gio’Style and Ordinett brands use accredited and certified supplier partners who always work with moulds or moulds owned by the company. 

Gio’Style’s strong competence in the control of raw materials and processing makes it possible to meet all the most stringent requirements for product safety regulations, especially those relating to contact with food.


Gio’Style and Ordinett have been designing and creating high-quality objects with functional design and without excesses for over 70 years, which improve everyday life and make it easier and safer in and out of the house. Gio’Style and Ordinett products are durable environmentally friendly.


Gio’Style was born in 1949 from an idea by Luigi Giovenzana, based on a simple intuition: over the years, plastic would gradually replace metal and wood in the household. The first successful products are buckets, basins and washboards. 

The company later becomes the protagonist of another megatrend, the “mass motorization” that brings the habit to Sunday excursions and picnics. Gio’Style began producing plastic reusable tableware and camping tables, and then Thermos and canteens, cooler bags, and portable coolers. The history of success and innovation continues for decades. 

Today, Gio’Style produces and distributes a wide range of products for home and leisure, using the best technologies to create design and quality products. With our know-how, we develop, produce and market products according to the highest quality and technology standards.


A wide range of products for the transport and storage of food and beverages:

  • Passive Cool Boxes: in different litres and colours; 
  • Electric Cool boxes: with maximum energy efficiency; 
  • Cooler Soft bags: in various formats, versatile, for every need with different colours, graphics and finishes to choose from; 
  • Ice Packs: with different shapes to better adapt to the available space; 
  • Thermos bottles: colourful and in many formats to store your favourite drinks warm or chilled; 
  • Drinking Bottles and canteens: for group sports activities and events; 
  • Dishes: Polypropylene fully reusable.

Gio’Style is at your side, to offer you a wide range of products::

  • Food container: made of polypropylene and glass for storing food in the freezer, refrigerator and for heating in a microwave oven; 
  • Lunchbox: for transporting food to the office, school, and gym; 
  • Table decoration: in many colours for decorating the kitchen; 
  • Consumables: functional and versatile, suitable for any type of dish, to best cook and serve it; 
  • Basins: many colours and formats; 
  • Broom: colourful and functional, different models for any type of floor; 
  • Toilet brushes: disinfectant, to protect the bathroom; 
  • Laundry collector: white or colourful, place for your clothes; 
  • Drying rack: hanging laundry has never been so easy; 
  • Waste bins: How to organize your waste collection optimally.