Our passive coolboxes are compact and easy to transport, ideal for camping, picnics and outdoor activities. They work thanks to the insertion of ice tiles, which keep the temperature inside the refrigerator cool for a prolonged period.

Made from high-quality insulating materials, our passive coolboxes are able to keep food fresh and safe for a long time, even in the hottest conditions. Choose from different sizes and capacities to find the perfect passive coolboxes for your needs.

Whether you’re planning a family trip or an adventure with friends, our passive coolboxes will be the ideal companion for keeping food fresh during your trip.

Frigo Solaris Orange

Frigo Solaris Green

Frigo Solaris Blue

Shiver 42

Bravo 32+

Bravo 30+

Bravo 25+

Fiesta 30+

Fiesta 25+

Fiesta 20+